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  2. History


Note 1
  • Yoshito Hori (President and Dean, GLOBIS University, Managing Partner, GLOBIS Capital Partners)
    Kiyoshi Nishikawa (CEO of NETAGE, Inc.(Director/Founder of ngi group))
    Takao Ozawa (Director of NPO Civic Force)
    Hiroshi Mikitani (Chairman and CEO of Rakuten, Inc.)
    Hideaki Inoue (CEO of Park Corporation)
    Takaaki Umezawa (Partner and Managing Director, Japan, A.T. Kearney, Inc.)
    Daigo Sato (Representative Director of NPO Charity Platform, Chairman of NPO dot-jp, Managing Director, COO of JustGiving Japan Foundation)
    Yu Yumoto (Representative Director of JustGiving Japan Foundation)
    Maiko Tajima (The United Nations World Food Programme)
Note 2
  • Donation distribution policy
    Since the recovery is expected to cost over $200 billion by recent World Bank estimates, we have been skeptical about the efficacy of thinly spreading the donations. As venture capitalists, we know that the most effective approach may be to focus our resources into a few very passionate and capable teams who “show their face.”

    1) 25% to NPOs
    2) 25% to local teams’ recovery efforts
    3) 25% to education fund for pupils and students (pre-school to college) in the affected areas
    4) 25% to Civic Force (http://www.civic-force.org/english/)