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Our investees are:

    • Address: Shiogama, Miyagi,
    • Established: 2013
    • Business: Meal Delivery for the Elderly
    • CEO: Katsuyoshi Obi
    • URL:

    Mr. Obi’s late mother was passionate about food until her very last moments. He launched “Ai San San Takushoku” with the hope of providing healthy and tasty meals for the elderly, regardless of their age or chronic diseases. He has enhanced the quality of life of his customers by delivering healthy meals and taking care of these individuals. He is also willing to hire people with disabilities.

    • Address: Atsugi, Kanagawa,
    • Established: 2015
    • Business: Running and
      rebuilding movie theaters for
      community vitalization
    • CEO: Taizo Aoyama
    • URL:

    With the power of movies, Mr. Aoyama tries to revitalize communities which face isolation and decline. People including elderly populations come out and socialize at his movie theaters that he had transformed from shut-down business facilities. An elder woman said, “I’d love to come to the theater rather than going to hospitals”. Others said, “Our discussions after watching the movie named ‘School (Gakkou)’ turned into study workshops for those who couldn’t go to school.” He aims to plant ‘Seeds of Wish’ in various places through his business.

    • Address: Takarazuka,
      Hyogo, Japan
    • Established: 2002
    • Business: Day care services
      for elderly people who need
      physical rehabilitation
    • CEO: Tsuyoshi Mori
    • URL:

    It all started when Dr. Mori’s grandmother had a stroke and lost her ability to walk. At that time, he was working as a heart surgeon at Osaka University Hospital. Upon the decision of taking care of her, he had witnessed the reality of many bed-ridden elderly people who lacked proper care or rehabilitation. He is convinced that the issue of the bed-ridden elderly shouldn’t be ignored in the pressing situation of Japan’s aging society. Dr. Mori said, “The quality of life of the elderly matters. I would like them to live well in their hometown.”