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Distribution of Donations (September 12th 2011)

The donations are being distributed to the following organizations/projects.

1. 25% to non-profit organizations
1) 3 million yen to Just Giving Japan
2) 1 million yen to ON THE ROAD
3) 1 million yen to Terra Renaissance
4) 1 million yen to Fair Tradde Tohoku
5) 1 million yen to Tono Magokoro Net

2. 25% to local teams’ recovery efforts
1) 1 million yen to Iitate Children’s Future Fund in Iitate, Fukushima Prefecture (funds transferred on July 22)
2) 1 million yen to Minamitoma City, Fukushima, for its recovery and reconstruction(funds transferred on July 22)
3) 1 million yen to Yamamoto-cho, Miyagi Prefecture(funds transferred on July 22)
4) 1 million yen to Rikuzentakata City, Iwate Prefecture (funds transferred on August 19)

3. 25% to education fund for pupils and students (pre-school to college) in the affected areas
Selection in process

4. 25% to CIVIC FORCE
10 million yen (funds transferred on August 19)

Please note that money allocation to each category may be slightly more or less than the planned 25% depending on circumstances.